Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Coach for your look?

Coaching for your look – learning with an expert

Some of use love to spend hours trying clothes on, new hair style, and new make-up. We en joy it, we’re good at it and it’s fun. But for some of us, it’s a drag. Well, you can’t put it off. Even if you don’t enjoy shopping for new clothes and playing with your hair, you have to do it to look great and sexy. You can’t give up on your looks or you’ll end up looking like a granny.

The value of professional coaching for your look is that it will help you identify your goals quickly and to make a plan that will work for you. The plan and goals will be set according to your personality and your taste. Once the plan is agreed upon and that you are satisfied with the goals set, you can start changing and it will reflect it in your choice of clothing.
Sometimes a small change and help from a professional coach can help you in more ways than one. It is also mainly make you aware of the importance of our appearance in work and social life.
 Many dress codes are set by the sector of activity in which you work. You need to blend in for work but you also need to learn to let your personality shine through and to make a statement about you and your power.

Clothing styles are not small matters - they influence the actions, perceptions and recruitment of employers.
So how do you dress in a way that reflects an unconscious image of yourself? How do you make people want to know you and be close to you?
Generally, you want to be selecting items which reflect good taste and quality.
Your coaching guide will create an image using his technical knowledge as a professional; study your shape, the shape of your face and body, makeup, cosmetics, all with a sense of psychology.

What to wear in professional environment
Some environments are very strict and leave very little to originality: justice, finance, legal, secretarial, property management and human resources.

The dress or skirt suit for women emerges important values and discipline of the position.
The impression of being strict, seriousness, and social success are conveyed.

Another area where the image is very important because it provides information on the values of the company are: sale, hospitality, commercial, catering, home or person is in constant relationship with the customer and must be perfectly clean. Both the level of hygiene are in the person and in the dress.
In computing, marketing, administration, engineers, some managers, itis allowed more relaxed.

In education, retail, journalism you can adopt a more personal style.

If you are in the business of art, advertising, design … your style is so creative, original artists, a mix of genres, motifs, materials, fantasies with still more sober than the previous style.

The dress code is one element that can be accepted and respected. You need to get it right. It will help you get what you want from men and women, recruiting, good communication, access to developments, sign a contract, be assertive, access to property, and it can help you generate more revenue. You can look strict and sexy at the same time, professional and pretty. You just need to pay attention to each and every detail or get help from a coach.