Tuesday, 16 March 2010

How to deal with a terrible date?

I always tell you that London is fun fun fun for a sexy girl and that I love to go out and enjoy myself with men and friends but sometimes, it happens that I go out on a date and I have a bad time because the date is boring or we are not in the right mood.

How to deal with an unpleasant date?

A bad date is one thing that could happen to you. The person can end up being rude or boring and you just want to go away.
Or do you have nothing in common?
Or mutual nervousness in this kind of situation has caused a misunderstanding?

Here are some guidelines that should help you

when it's your first date with the man or the woman you are meeting, why not make it a set time, for instance lunch from 1 to 2 or drinks from 5 to 7pm. Then you both have an agreement that you can go your own way after a short time or take it further if it goes well.

If the guy is being rude or nasty. don't hang around, just leave. He's not worth your time and a sexy girl can always find pleasant men to spend her time with and does not need to waste time with arrogant men.

If you have nothing in common, stick to what was expected (ie dinner for example) and then put a stop to it as soon as enough time has passed. Needless to prolong the meal with a nightcap or more if the vibe is not right.

If you are both paralyzed by stage fright, then you need to help him relax and see the date with fun in mind. Maybe a few drink of champagne will help but do not get drunk. No more than a few sips in order to relax.

Never do anything that might put you at risk or make you feel uncomfortable. You do not need to impress your date. He has to impress you!

How to handle the next day:

Do not feel guilty. It's all part of life and be proud that you are meeting new people and having fun rather than stay home and watch TV every weekend

Call a friend to share the details of your evening, try to identify the positives and take it in a humorous way.

Do something fun to forget this episode. Go out with a man you know well and who can show you how to have a good time and forget the other boring men.

Be honest if the person calls you again to ask about a second appointment and you are not interested. Tell him that you do not think that it will work.

If you liked the person despite the fact that the evening wnt so badly, give him a second chance. But only one more.


The first appointment is an opportunity for two people meet physically and mentally. Try to find something to do that you both enjoy. You can have a good time without talking if you want to do something more physical and have nothing to discuss. or you can talk a lot if you both want to. It's all part of the fun of having new experience.