Monday, 19 July 2010

Sexy Girl at 41

Jennifer Aniston is stripping down again...and proving that a girl can be very very sexy at the age of 41.

The Daily Mail has published some sexy pictures of the Hollywood star looking very very sexy. The pictures are a bit grainy and never seen previously. They are the new promotional adverts for her own perfume - Lolavie perfume.

Jennifer Aniston will be the sexyiest girl in London on Wednesday when she attends the launch of the new perfume in London at Harrod's. Men will be queuing up to see her but she won't be topless in Harrod's!

Jennifer Aniston is showing that at 4, she can still look very sexy and just as sexy as any 20 year old model. 

On the perfume advert pictures, Jennifer is naked except for a white skirt that sits very low on her sexy hips. It has been revealed that the sexy pictures were taken in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. 

The queen of romantic comedy has always played the good girl on screen but suddenly, you would want to see her as a naughty sexy girl in another type of movie.