Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Sexy students in heels

We're going to see many more young girls in high heels very soon as teenage girls are being taught how to walk in high heels as part of a Government-funded college course. I certainly was never offered this course when I went to college but I love high heels and I think they are part of a sexy outfit for day time and evening, any day.

The six-week "Sexy Heels In The City" course was offered to 16-year-old students at South Thames College in Wandsworth, Tooting and Merton in South London. The course is meant to prepare young women "for the business world and their social lives". With more applicants per job as ever, it is important to look the part when going for an interview and heels are part of the expected interview outfit in many jobs. It's also the case if you want to work as a sexy escort girl in London. You have to wear sexy underwear and heels as most men would want you to. 

The course is run by Chyna Whyne, a former backing singer, who says that she wasn't taught how to walk in high heels at a young age and lost confidence as a result. She wants to offer the opportunity she never had. Her action is intended to boost student's confidence when walking in stilettos.
Apparently, the percentage of women with shoe-related injuries and foot problems are unbelievable high and therefore this course comes accross as a very good idea. But is college the right place to be teaching how to walk in high heels? Some will argue that looking sexy is not the first thing to be successfull in your business activity but it really depends on the trade. At the end of the six weeks, the students are given the opportunity to show off their walking ability in a catwalk style performance in front of an audience who can give them direct feedback on the benefit of the couse. We're looking forward to seeing more London Sexy Girls walking in heels in the city.