Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Treat Me Nice Anytime

My friend Suzie says that she does not like compliments. "I never know what to say. I blush, I'm embarrassed..." and I feel very different from her. I love a compliment! I really like it when a man says that I am sexy and pretty. Even if I understand how she feels, I still want to be looked at and kissed and receive compliments every day. I want my man to be nice to me - anytime – all the time.

What type or girl are you? Do you hide, turn your head, look at the floor and whisper out a shy "That's nice." Or do you look up and say “thank you”. I always thank someone who compliments me and it normally brings a big smile to my face. I’m sure it also depends of your friends and if they give you lots of compliments or not very often. The more you hear them and the more you will get use to say thank you and smile and take it for what it is – someone telling you that you look nice and that your efforts to dress nice are worth it.
Surely my friend Suzie is not used to it, no doubt. So I will make a conscious effort to tell her more often that she looks nice without being fake course. Whatever the reason for the compliment - whether it's clothing, hairstyle, her eyes, her smile ... etc.

She hates being complimented but she will get use to it and grow her confidence.
I am not trying to please anyone other than myself but I know that I want the attention. That would motivate me to make any effort to be presentable and fashionable at all times.

Recently, I was told I was attractive. The words were from of a man who is very sincere. He was not flirting with me but spoke from his heart. It was a simple compliment. Nothing more. But it made me smile and he knew that I would have a smile on all day from his words so please be nice to me…anytime.