Monday, 15 March 2010

Beauty sexy advice for men

Does anyone here really think that women shoould shave and look after their skin but men should look rough? Well, think again because men should always try to look hot and sexy. You never know when or who you're going to meet, right? so you must try to impress and look sexy at all times. Sure, we see sexy girls all the time in London.

London girls spend hours looking after their looks, finding sexy outfits and making sure they look their best and we do see more men who make an effort and look after their skin and the way they look.

You want to be one of them? Well here's a few tips for be one very sexy man!

Healthy skin
Boys, look after your skin. Specific Anti-aging, shaving, care, all your questions are answered and there are easy ways to improve your skin without spending hours in front of the mirror or spending a fortune. Looking after your skin is the first lesson of beauty for men.

The skin of men is different from that of women for hormonal reason: the secretion of testosterone. Men's skin is thicker, firmer, richer in collagen. It is better hydrated does age as fast. The men have also a fattier skin and the greatest difference is hairs! The testosterone hardens the hairs in the follicule. That's why we look different! If you don't want to shave everyday, it can be a very sexy look. Make sure it suits you though and also, ask the girls who is kissing you everyday if she is ok with it. I'm sure she will find you sexy no matter what. From the age of 30, it is recommended to use a daily hydrating cream. It will only take 5 minutes after shaving to apply so there is no excuse. Make sure to clean your skin first.

Healthy hair
Well, if you lose your hair, don't panic. Look at Bruce Willis! We all find him sexy and in fact, most women find this sexy so there is nothing to worry about. You must remember that a clean completely shaved look is always always going to look better than greasy long hair down the side of your head!! (just in case...)
If you do have plenty of hair, just make sure it's clean AT ALL TIMES. You will look sexy in black or salt and pepper but don't be shy to ask your hairdresser to get rid of the grey hairs if you want to look younger. A lot of sexy men use this trick to keep looking hot and young for longer.

Men are spending more and more time refining their grooming habits but sometimes seem to forget to keep the eyebrows tidy. It's so important! You need to learn how to properly shape eyebrows. It has become a necessary skill. Make sure to keep the few wild hairs under control (check at least once a week) especially as you get older. And please do something about your one-eyebrow if you're in that situation. It won't hurt and it will make you look human again. Remember that wild hairs on your eyebrows or one long eyebrow across your face means you will be going home alone after the night our next Saturday. You choose!

Make sure that you always have a fresh breath before a date or seeing and kissing your woman. If you smoke or drink booze, then you need to brush your teeth before trying to kiss your sexy girl or she will not hang around for long. You've been warned. A sexy man is a man with a clean breath.

Some men have a dirty job, cleaning cars, working with your hands, using heavy tools....and it will show on your hands unless you do something about it! If you need to wear gloves to keep your hands from grease and dirt, they do it. Otherwise, make sure you use the right products to keep your hands clean all the time. And use hand cream after cleaning your hands to keep them soft. You sexy girl will appreciate and will let you get your hands everywhere you want....