Saturday, 20 March 2010

How To Look Younger

We all want to keep looking young and healthy and have a good skin. But there are so many products on the market that we don’t know where to turn. Here’s my advice to look after your skin and keep looking young and sexy even if you are not 20.

Anti-aging experts will recommend having a full survey of your skin and tailoring solutions to individual cases. It’s difficult to predict how we'll grow old ... Besides genetics, the sun, smoking, stress, disease and lifestyle have to be taken into account. You can always ask advice from friend or your beauty therapist to know what works for them and what they recommend.

Start using a moisturizer early on, in your 20s. From the age of 40, I would recommend using treatment creams which include hyaluronic acid and to take dietary supplements containing vitamin E and avocado oil. It's a great way to keep your skin looking young and make you feel sexy and happy. You should be able to get these in a pharmacy or in some health shops. It is also recommended to take this treatment for two months, twice a year.

I also recommend using organic argan oil (this is a fabulous product from Morocco) for your skin and your hair. It helps prevent aging, spots and will help any skin condition. It is a bit expensive but it will go a long way as you only need to use a few drops to massage into the skin.

What Is Eye Cream And At What Age Should I Start Using It?

Every day, we blink, squint and rub our eyes and this will stretch the skin around the eyes. Eye cream is designed to help protect and nourish this delicate area around the eyes. Experts say that the areas around our eyes are the most sensitive and should be moisturised on a regular basis, at least twice a day. Before you decide to buy a new eye cream, it is important to know which kind of cream you need. Different eye creams do different things. Some hide and eliminate fine lines, others get rid of dark circles and some others can even reduce puffiness. A light cream or jet (also called serum) will be best as it will not clock up the pores.

Lips – hot to prevent wrinkles on the upper lip

The area around the lips, especially the upper lip, tends to wrinkle more than the rest of the face. It’s because the skin can be quite thin in this area. You can plump it up and smooth it by pinching the skin slightly. You need to pinch it with the end of the finger and thumb, slightly, in the opposite way to the lines. Start from the edge of the lip and carry on till the skin is slightly red. Don't do this just before meeting your sexy man or he might wonder what happened to your sexy mouth!

Night cream
Most experts agree that you should be using a wrinkle cream, or face night cream, by the time you hit your 40's. Look for samples of face creams in women’s magazine. These offers allow you to test the cream free of charge and decide if it’s right for you.

All these tips should help you look great and sexy for years to come. Also remember to laugh and enjoy yourself as the best way to keep looking good is to have fun.