Monday, 22 March 2010

MP Nadine Dorries Says No to Lingerie

MP Nadine Dorries has called for erotic lingerie bus adverts to be banned in order to protect kids. She wants lingerie adverts that are too erotic to be banned in order to protect children as they could be getting the wrong ideas about sex.

Nadine Dorries also suggested that lads magazines featuring semi-naked girls on the cover should be removed from child-eye level in newsagents. But are we too open about sex? Are we showing too much to children? If you walk down the high street and look at magazines, adverts, shop windows, bus adverts and even TV, you will soon realise that sex is everywhere. The only thing is, do the kids really take any notice? I am not sure that they do. For sure, the teenagers will notice but the kids are just not so influence by this.

However, Nadine Dorries is right and we should try to protect the young children better from erotic images. I love to go shopping for sexy lingerie but I know where to go and buy lingerie. I do not need to see it on the side of a bus. The MP for Mid-Bedfordshire was targeting a specific advert - an Armani advertising campaign on London buses which features images of Megan Fox, the beautiful Hollywood star, in very sexy lingerie. You can barely see the name of the company on the advert but you can see Megan’s perfect body. It is becoming more hardcore and shocking and something needs to be done to sort the family advert from the adult only advert. Is it now normal and ok to have larger-than-life posters of scantily clad in our high street?

We have to be careful not to reveal too much to young children and teenagers and let them grow up to discover the pleasure of flirting and dating when they are ready for it. We all enjoy looking at a beautiful sexy body and will always help in advertising but also have to be careful to keep certain images to adults only. It seems that our quest for lust and sexy bodies is sometimes taking over our family values.