Wednesday, 12 May 2010

New bra to boost your cleavage

M&S launches a new bra that promises to boost any sexy girl cleavage by two cup sizes. It has to be one of the top news headlines of the day and surely any TV news program should be talking about it. I guess the fact that David Cameron is our new Prime Minister might have be more intersting to some viewers but sexy london girls want to know more about this new bra!!

Apparently, this new bra uses a foam insert weighing half that of traditional gel pads and has straps that can be crossed at the back to give the impression of a larger size bust. There will be plenty of busty blonde looking for the new wonder in M&S as soon as it becomes available in the shops in July. It will cost only £20 and hopefully will be a firm favourite will all london girls. The new bra will also be available in its DD to GG-sized range.You can spend a fortune on lingerie at La Perla or buy cheaper brands in the high street and still look sexy. Either way, dressing in sexy underwear will boost your confidence. And another 2 size cup can give you even more confidence!

M&S head of lingerie design Soozie Jenkinson said: "We think there's a revival of push-up bras coming this autumn with the hourglass, 50s look we're seeing on the catwalk." so we look forward to see more london girls looking their best in the streets of the capital.