Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Body Language - Does he Fancy You?

Body language -You can learn some much about someone when you start to look. If they find you sexy or not and if they are attracted and free or not.

Crossed arms? Upset or getting ready for confrontation.
Open arms and palms open? Open to receive your attention and share.

Looking at you in the eyes? He's paying attention to you and your words.
Looking above you or around the room and scratching nervously (head or arms)? He's got too much going on right now and he doesn't want to be with you.

What can you tell about your man from his body language? A LOT!

I guess if you have been in a relationship for a long time, you completely know your partner and you can tell the happy mood from the grumpy mood in one glance. However, when you are starting to date, it’s not so easy. So here are a few tips to find out more about your date then he or she is willing to reveal openly

Positive signs

Does he keep a good posture while appearing at ease? A person who is slumped is likely to be bored. Someone who stands up and stands right is attentive.

Does he look at you in the eyes? Yes, then he is paying attention to you and it’s all going well.

Is you date leaning forward as you talk in a bar or a restaurant? It might not be just the loud music. He or she is comfortable with you. Leaning forward shows interest and liking – you are sharing space with the other person and want to be close to them. This is a good way for a sexy girl to show that great top she's just bought and which is enhancing her cleavage. It's a good way to smell the other one too. Did he use a nice and sexy perfume before meeting you? You know he has a plan to take it further.

These are unconscious physical signs which are unmistakable.

So how do you know if someone is sexually attracted to you?

If you really fancy someone and you can’t wait to let them know but are worried to know how he feels then pay close attention to the object of your fancy and study the signs! It can be very tricky being able to tell if someone is sexually attracted to you, although you can learn to read their body language.

Number one is the smile. Does he have a very large smile on his face when you meet outside the train station? That’s definitely a positive sign that he likes you.

Eyes are the Window to the Soul
Does he check you out when you get up to get drinks? You can easily tell. Use the large mirror behind the bar to check! If you dress up in a very sexy outfit and he doesn’t look at your body, maybe there is something else or someone else on his mind. If he does, he is definitely considering a sexual relationship with you.
Pay attention to how he look at you. The longer your eyes meet and you are both smiling and feeling open, the more you can tell the sexual attraction.

and are you aware of your own body language?
Women: does she flick her hair and smile? She fancies you.
Women: does she face you with open shoulders, her body and her face both facing you. She is opening her body to you in more ways that think!

The next step is to communicate verbally and not just with our bodies. That can be quite tricky as well but it's all part of the fun.