Thursday, 18 March 2010

10 Things To Forget the EX

We've all had our heard broken at least once in our life and it's not easy to deal with when it happens. We feel low, we feel miserable when we once use to feel fun and sexy. It's not a nice thing when it happens but the important thing is to recover quickly. You can't let someone reject you and feel down for too long. Here are a few tips to forget about your ex and move on.

Remember that you have no chance of finding a new man and falling in love again (or just have a bit of fun) if you can't manage to move on and forget about the ex. Remember he's history. What happen is in the past and you are now free to go out and have plenty of fun in London.
  • Talk to your friends about painful memories and what happened between you and your ex. You will feel better as soon as you can talk about it and it will help you analyse your situation, past, current and future. You will have a better idea of what you want in future. It is also ok to talk to your ex and review and discuss painful memories associated with you story.
  • Be clear with your ex. Deal with any unresolved tough issues such as money, things that you have bought together, and get some arrangements as fast as possible. The quicker you can make decisions on the split the better you will feel.
  • Have fun! Go and see a good movie, travel, enjoy outdoor activities, games, spend times online, see your friends.
  • Find yourself a new hobby if you feel like you need something new to take your mind of things. From pole dancing class to yoga or learning Spanish...London will have everything you will want to do.
  • Exercise: set yourself a new challenge if you are up for it or simply spend time walking outdoor or running or swimming. It will help you take your mind of your ex and will increase your good mood.
  • Work hard: if you spend a long day in the office sorting out projects which had been postponed for a long time, you will certainly forget your ex and feel positive and the feeling of having achieved something positive for yourself will give you self confidence.
  • Look after yourself: you have time on your own so use it to pamper yourself with massage, shopping, beauty therapy. It will give you confidence and new clothes and a new haircut will help you with a new start. Why not change the colour of your hair? And buy yourself new sexy lingerie. He will be sorry when he sees how confident you look.
  • Go out: see people, visit friends and family and have a good time socialising with new people. Don't be shy to call up friend that you have not seen in a long time. They will certainly be pleased to see you again and new stories will help you move on and look towards a fun future without the ex.