Sunday, 14 March 2010

what to do on a first date with a friend

It's always a tough question. How do you behave on a first date? what do you do? what do you wear? It's generally a time when the man is nervous but will try to hide it and the woman is also very nervous and won't hide it so well so she will tend to talk too much or be really quiet. And how sexy are you supposed to look? Too sexy and you might give the wrong impression and set the wrong expectations for a guy but then if you don't try to look sexy on your first date? then when will you try!!! It's important to show a man that you can be sexy and attractive otherwise why would he want to see you again and try to get to know you. You want some love and magic to happen, don't you ??

Your first date is always an important and daunting. This is where everything is and can switch from one side or the other. Bear in mind that you can make a difference by following the 10 following tips - and get more confidence.

1. Be on time
Nobody likes to wait. Arrive on time not only shows your respect the date but also that you are a person on which he can rely.

2. Pay attention to how you look
A little grooming does not cost much and can have great effect! Make sure you dress sexy and have done something nice with your hair, ideally away from your face so he can see your smile.We should not judge others on appearances ? Well, the truth is, everyone does!

3. Do not talk only about yourself
You need to get to know your date so you need to ask question and listen. Try to prepare a few questions before the date to give you some training and motivation. Also, remember to not always say "me too" when he reveals something about himself. It's good to have things in common but if it's too much on the first chat, it can appear as fake.

4. Keep it simple
It is true that a nice car, a nice bunch of roses or a gift does not hurt. Be careful not to overdo it either.
The best first appointments are often the simplest and most natural. People tend to be uncomfortable and ill at ease with someone who seeks by all means to impress.
Be yourself, calm, easy and relaxed. The rest will take its course naturally.

5. Drink sensibly
Remember that old advertisement: "A glass that is three glasses, etc .... .
One or two drinks can relax and have conversation easier but do not abuse it.
If you think that drinking a lot makes you irresistible (it's usually what people think when it is the fifth whiskey), well think again.
keep it to a few drinks in good company and do not get drunk.

6. Keep your focus on your date
Well, we all tend to look around when we walk into a bar or a restaurant, it's normal. But don't keep looking around as you are talking or listening to your date. There is nothing worse than realizing that the person in front of you constantly looking at someone behind you. It is not only rude but it gives the impression that the conversation and the person does not interest you. Eye contact shows your interest will give your date confidence. Also, it will make you look sexy.

7. Do not ask questions that can be too personal
This is a tough one to get right when you try to get to know someone. Remember it is your first real contact and you're still almost strangers to one another. Nobody feels comfortable to reveal to someone that barely knows his deepest fears and anxieties. Stay relatively vague and impersonal in your questions and try not to revive a topic that seems difficult. If all goes well, you'll have ample time to go into details later.

8. Do not talk about your ex
Do we really need to tell you why? It's won't make you look sexy if you start talking about your ex or numbers of them! You can talk about what you like in men or women but do not be specific about previous experience. Wait till you are in the bedroom to discuss sexual taste.

9. Maintain the conversation
This may be one of the most difficult things to do: find new topics to discuss with someone and keeping it fairly light and natural. If you want to discuss sex on the first date, you are setting expectations very clearly and you will be expected to deliver. is this really what you want.

10. Look confident
We've all heard it before, confidence is everything. If you look happy, people will be attracted to you. I always meet more men and more confident men when I feel happy and confident. Mostly in the summer when the sun gives my skin a nice glow and I feel pretty. It's not a mystery. it's the way people see you.
So remember to smile, laugh and look your date in the eyes. Believe in yourself and your ability to give him a good time.
If you believe you are sexy, then everyone will believe it too!