Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Romance for Summer 2010

If you have been dating for a while, then you certainly know the star signs you get on with and the star signs you don’t bond with so easily. Some star signs tend to be very impulsive and others will be thinkers and dreamers. So you know which one you are compatible with?

And which star sign are you likely to meet this year and have fun with?

What are your best love matches for 2010? On the summer solstice, June 21st, we will enjoy the longest day of the year. It is also the start of summer and summer romance. Out with the old relationships if they are not what you want anymore and in with the new and more fun. Summer is the time to find new love. So what do the stars hold for us this summer?

Let’s start with Libra and Aquarius, air signs who like to think about things and day dream about the future. You are holding on for a strong and long lasting romance. Summer 2010 will bring you exactly that. You already know that 2010 will be a great year for you. Your business has been going well and you enjoy friends and work. Love will also come along this summer. It is likely to be a complete stranger that you will meet in a place you don’t expect, maybe in public transport or a queue or a festival. It will be hard to spot in the big crowd. However, you must trust your instinct and the romance will start very quickly with fire and passion.

Next we need to talk to Virgo and Pisces. You are dreamers too. But you also have high expectations and are much focused on what you want. Virgo will be looking for romance with Pisces this summer. You will feel like you have nothing in common to start but as opposite attract, you will soon learn to have fun together. Desire will be high and summer will be hot for Pisces. Pisces need to drop their guard at some point though for this to happen.

For Cancer and Aries, it will be a new long lasting match. Summer is always a special time for Aries and they tend to shy away from the crowds and the fun in the park. This year, try to join in a bit more and you will be rewarded with romance and long lasting love or friendship. There will be some sexy fun in the air for Aries, whether with Cancer or with other signs too. If you’re in a relationship now, you will go away together and have a perfect romantic date or sexy night. 

Taurus will need to concentrate on work this summer. As always, you have money and spending on your mind. Look out for bargain holidays or cheap weekends away and you will have some fun time too. When your heart is set on someone, you may find that you need to stop worrying about money and just have fun and show your strong side. Take her to a London hotel for the night with flowers and champagne.

Gemini will have fun too but you will stay in close circle. You are likely to meet someone at a party with friends. Maybe someone who has been away for a long time on a trip and is coming back to join a group of old friends? Keep your eyes open and you will see that summer 2010 can be a long summer of London dates and hotel romance.