Friday, 9 April 2010

There is a lot of pressure on everyone to look your best in today's demanding society. A lot of the pressure comes from us. We want to look good because we think it will make us a better person and more powerful. Especiallyw when summer comes. We want to look tanned and sexy. But do we really benefit from the hours we spend in shops and in the bathroom to look great and sexy every day?

Everywhere we turn, TV gossip news and magazines are promoting celebrities wearing the latest fashions and the most expensive designer labels. We feel the need to go out and copy the latest look in order to look great and just as sexy as them. However, we need to do it on high street price tags which can sometimes prove difficult. If we try to do it with designer labels, it may become very costly, so it is important to shop around and see what we can buy at an affordable price while retaining the style.

From handbag to sunglasses, you can shop around and find items at bargain prices that will let you copy a great look from one of your favourite celebrity. If you want to look great this summer, you will need a pair of sunglasses to suit your hair and your face but remember to shop around before you buy as sunglasses can be very expensive.

If you are dashing off to the beach for the summer or for a weekend getaway, you will also need a smart and sexy bikini. My tip will be to have a basic one in red or black as this will never go out of fashion and you can wear it every year. I do also recommend having a smarter bikini in case you meet someone and you want that extra bit of confidence when you meet up on the beach.

Think about your make up carefully before you go in the sun. You need waterproof mascara and enough make up to give you a natural glow without risking a meltdown in the sun. I recommend a light pink lip gloss as an essential in your beach bag. It will help you preventing chapped, dried out lips, and will give you a lovely natural glow.
Also remember to pack a waterproof mascara to prevent the pool water from removing your makeup. Do not wear eye shadow during the day but pack some bright colours for the evening such as silver, gold, blues…anything that will match your new summer dress collection.

Too much foundation on a warm day is not ideal. Instead, just wear a light moisturiser and cover with sun protection when you are sunbathing. You will soon look very sexy with a nice glow from the sun and won’t need the foundation for the rest of the holiday. In the evening, don’t wear foundation if the weather is still very hot. Instead, apply a lovely dark pink blush on your cheeks. It will make a bold statement which you can get away with on holiday.

With these tips and a good quality suntan lotion, you will look sexy all summer. You don't need to spend too much and you will wear your tan for a few weeks.