Monday, 20 December 2010

X Factor under review for being too sexy !

The X Factor final show is under investigation for being too sexy for a family evening show. Some are joking about the name of the talent show saying it should be called the XXX Factor after the Burlesque performance on stage. On Dec. 11, the show featured a couples of live performances from both Christina Aguilera and Rihanna and they were on stage with very little clothing and doing sexy moves. Some viewers complained that it was too sexy! How can anything be too sexy! I think the stage costumes were fantastic. I would love to dance in an outfit like that and I am sure that a lot of men would love to watch me!

The Ofcom has launched an investigation and the show is likely to get a warning for the sexual moves from Christina Aguilera and her cabaret dancers. Ofcom will decide whether the show broke section 1.3 of the broadcasting code, which seeks to protect children from sexual content.

The two suggestive live performances were from Rihanna, who performed her song "What’s My Name" which involved a tame striptease and Christina Aguilera performed a suggestive routine with a group of scantily-clad dancers who cavorted on chairs wearing just bras, knickers and stockings to promote her new striptease-themed movie, Burlesque. Following the dancing, more than 4,000 viewers complained, claiming that the racy performances should not have been aired during a family evening show but should be kept for an adult audience only.

A total of 2,750 viewers complained to Ofcom, while 1,500 contacted ITV directly. The show was between 7pm and 9pm and a lot of children were watching to give support to their favorite act.

An X Factor spokesman, however, has said that Aguilera and Rihanna’s performances "were appropriate for the show."