Saturday, 18 December 2010

Sexy in a different way

Who can define beauty? We all feel different about what is sexy or not sexy and what turns us on. Recently, we see more adverts using average, odd looking or different looking people rather than the stereotypical blonde with a large smile and sleek features. Helene Atsuko is one new cover girl you would not have expected on the catwalk. She has a shaved head, tattoos and piercings. She is 5ft 3in and a size 12. Yet her striking looks have sparked interest in a new type of modelling agency. She has been signed up with agency Ugly Models. 

Since joining the model agency last year Helene, 23, has been in demand for a range of magazine and television work where her look is a great plus. More and more customers are looking for models with unusual looks and Ugly Models is happy to provide from its extensive catalogue of sexy models with a difference.

The London-based agency has specialised in what is referred to as character models. The model agency has more than 1,000 people of all ages, shapes and sizes on its books and they are redefining what we have come to expect in a model. Their catalogue includes a woman with one leg, several dwarfs, the world’s tallest man and a lady with 2,520 tattoos. They provide models for shows, TV, magazine or any client requiring a model which other modelling agencies will not have on their books. Most of the famous modelling agencies concentrate on finding beautiful, tall, slim and sexy girls who stand out on photographs.

Despite working with a restricted market, Ugly’s client list is very impressive and features some famous brands such as Calvin Klein, Diesel, Cosmopolitan, Elle or Dove amongst many others. Needless to say that none of their models are airbrushed. Clients aim for real ordinary people and not extreme classic beauty.

We are all learning to redefine what we consider sexy and hot and we learn to appreciate beauty in many different ways.

We need to understand the Ugly philosophy of celebrating differences and using ordinary people and embrace this change of attitude from a modelling agency.