Monday, 24 May 2010

Sexy Black Lace to fight for your rights

There is no denying that Anita Roddick, founder of the Body Shop, was extremely successful in her business and a pioneer of ethical consumerism. She achieved a lot for animal rights and environmentalism.

Today, her daughter, Coco de Mer's founder Sam Roddick hopes to build on her mother Anita Roddick's legacy by using her sexy lingerie boutiques to fight for women's rights. 

Sam is not worried to be living in the shadow of her mother Anita. When her mother died in 2007, it triggered a rebirth in her own activism. Now she is planning to show that she can be as successful as her mum with her chain of erotic boutiques and help the fight for the protection of women’s rights around the world.

Her business sells high-end lingerie, sex toys, books and erotic art in London, New York and Los Angeles. She is also sourcing materials very carefully to make sure that it’s the best for the environment and for the protection of women and children. But there is no compromise on the quality of the items for sale at Coco de Mer and the products are carefully designed for pleasure and sexy fun. Amongst the best sellers in bedroom accessory are the layered studded cuffs, bondage gear, vibrators and spanking paddles. There is no doubt that a visit or one of her shops will end up with a hot and sexy night. There is also a fantastic selection of sexy lingerie, erotic novels and more.

Sam also wants her shops to be a platform to discuss issues around women rights, sex and feminism.