Saturday, 8 May 2010

Paris wants man with 'normal' job

What is happening to sexy girl Paris Hilton? is she following advice from her sister Nicky? It seems that she has had enough of hanging out with celebrities, actors, models and pop stars. She is now looking for a new love of her life and explained that she wants to meet a man with a "normal job".

Many it is a sign that she is becoming more mature and wants to stop partying all night. 
The heiress and socialite, who recently split up from sportsman and The Hills star Doug Reinhardt, has been out on the town with her sister.

The sisters are apparently planning to get out of the Los Angeles scene to spend some time relaxing at their place in the Hamptons however Paris Hilton was still seen this weekend partying till the early hours in Hollywood and getting really drunk. It seems that the sexy heiress still knows how to have a good time every weekend in LA.