Tuesday, 29 June 2010

What to Tell Your GF to convince her to come back

If you've cheated on your GF, then it is not very likely that she will get back with you but it will happen if you know what to say and tell her the right things. If your girlfriend has broken up with you, you certainly miss her and miss certain special things about her so you should start by telling her that. Try to identidy what you really miss, the special things that she does or says that you miss the most and that will be flattering to her. 

If you keep quiet for a short while, it can also be good as long as you let her know that you are giving her time to think about the relationship.

She broke up with you for a good reason, and it was probably something you did or failed to do, your behaviour as a selfish man.  It could have been something you said, or it could also have been ignoring her and not giving her enough love and attention. Anything you say is probably not going to win her back but if you don't try, you will regret it for the rest of your life.That is, if you really love her.

You need to give her a bit of time to show that you can change your ways and give her time to trust you again. 

The first action to take is to admit to her your fault in the breakup, what you did wrong and what you should have done differently.  In most cases even an apology is not going to make her want to get back with you, but it’s a good first step and you will plant the seed of change in her mind.

The next step will be to help her realize that she wants you back.  I know that sounds like common sense, but many men give up and fail at this step. She needs to see your changes and believe in them to start wanting you back.

You need to spend time with her and show your good side, listen to her, give her attention, pay attention to her family and friends. Ask about them and don't let her see the old selfish you.

Eventually, she will start liking you again and then it's up to you to win her love again. You need to work hard but also to be patient and give her time. Let her know how you feel too and how you intend to change and remain faithfull in future.