Tuesday, 11 January 2011

The Benefits Of Independent Escorts

Escorts tend to be very beautiful women with toned bodies who earn a living by provide company to men. Obviously the other way is also true, that is that handsome men with fit bodies can earn a living by providing company to women. The service is usually provided in a discreet way and the full extent of the service is up to the client and the escort. The idea is that you pay for company and it will range from company to go to an event to intimate relations if you agree to do so with the escort. The escort take pleasure in delivering pleasure to male and female clients who have requested their service.

Some escort work for an escort agency which will put them in contact with the client but there is also a new service which is more and more popular which is independent escorts. The independent escort normally has a limited number of regular clients as well as availability for new clients. Meeting an independent escort is done directly and not through an escort agency. They normally can spend a long time with the client and who would not want to wake up in the morning with a beautiful sexy blonde and know that she does not have to get up early for another appointment but that she has time to spend with you. An independent escort will know how to pleasure her friends and will normally offer a range of services including dressing up, role play, massage, entertainment with toys, pole dancing and so on. A good independent escort will know how to provide pleasurable forms of services.

If you look at escort reviews, you will certainly see very good feedback and reviews for independent escorts. They also have a personal website to show pictures of their body and display their talent. If you are browsing the internet and looking at independent escort website for videos, you are looking in the wrong place as they don’t usually have erotic videos online. You will be able to see pictures and see for yourself that a lot of independent escorts have great bodies. They really look after themselves.

You can book a GFE (girlfriend experience) with an independent escort to last as long as you want or as long as you can afford. A good independent escort will be happy to spend more than on hour with you. She will normally have a decreasing rate for each hour extra or day extra that you book with her.

Don’t underestimate their brains. They have great bodies but a lot of high end independent escorts will also have a good sense of humour, speak more than one language and know about travel and culture. It’s not just a pretty face that you are paying for but a really companionship service.