Monday, 7 June 2010

Would you believe that a bunch of scientists have been investigating attractiveness? They have gathered evidence from research around the world and we can now view their amazing discoveries online and share with them the secret of men and women attractiveness.

The participants in this research were all young men and women aged 18 to 30. Women had to evaluate what made a man attractive and men had to do the same with women, some very sexy women too. Mostly they were shown pictures and videos during the tests and had to score on each woman or man and evaluate the level of attraction. We’re not sure if Angelina Jolie was part of the samples for the tests but I know she would score really high amongst my male friends. It was found that when a woman smiles, the level of attraction goes up dramatically. It was also revealed that men like busty women which would explain why so many men are looking to meet busty escorts in London. For men, it was revealed that women find strong tall men attractive, large jaw and friendly eyes. If a man looks caring and looks at her directly in the picture or video sample, then the level of attraction goes up quickly. 

Men can learn from this research and decide to spend more time smiling and caring when they are flirting with a sexy London girl. They can also pay compliments and look responsible as this is also criteria which are attractive. Obviously if they are charming and funny, they will also be very attractive as you initially can spend a lovely evening with them even before sex and you can be sure that the sex will be fun too. The survey also highlighted that sexy blondes are very attractive but the margin of difference between blondes and brunettes is not so dramatic and many men enjoy the look of both brunette and blondes. The important thing to remember is that men are attracted to beautiful women who smile and look feminine, sexy and confident. It is no wonder that so many men are going out with escort girls in London and having such a good time with them and keep coming back. They know that sexy London girls know how to flirt and have a good time.